ChangeFire has the privilege to partner with orphanages that are run by dedicated staff in some of the poorest parts of Mexico. The unfortunate truth is that there is overwhelming demand for the orphanages’ services: there are far more disadvantaged children than these orphanages can hold. 


What We've Achieved

  • ChangeFire committed $14,400 towards the development of sustainability energy and agricultural solutions at Casa Hogar Buena Vista, via the Friends of Casa Hogar 501c3 entity, and aggregated another $11,380 in contributed skilled volunteer labor.

  • The savings from the solar PV system was used to fund expansion to host teenaged orphans in a dedicated center, build safety lights, power a hot water heater to provide kids with hot water showers, and power an onsite medical clinic to be run by Flying Doctors.

  • ChangeFire also facilitated the design and development of a vegetable garden built on the premises. It is estimated that the garden will produce $28,500 USD of value in cost savings and revenue over a 25 year time period.